Prop C will build more homes and revitalize our downtown

Yes on Prop C:
More Homes
+ A Vibrant Downtown

Prop C, the More Homes + A Vibrant Downtown ballot measure, waives the City’s transfer tax on projects that convert buildings from non-residential to residential uses, incentivizing more underused office buildings to be converted into housing.

This measure is an important piece of a multi-pronged effort to create a more sustainable, vibrant Downtown neighborhood, and bring investment back to San Francisco.

For projects that are on the edge of financial feasibility, the current 6% tax due on the sale of a converted and leased building is simply too expensive, discouraging owners and developers from undertaking these conversions in the first place.

The increased repurposing of office buildings into housing would reduce the vacancy rate and bring new investment into Downtown, increasing opportunities to create a 24-hour dynamic neighborhood where people can live, learn, work, and play.

Mayor London Breed placed this measure on the March 5, 2024 ballot to build on the progress being made to create a safer San Francisco and incentivize investment into a new, revitalized Downtown neighborhood.

Here’s how Prop C works

The City’s current Transfer Tax – which is up to a 6% tax rate on transactions over $25 million – would be waived after a qualifying non-residential to residential conversion.
The tax waiver would be limited to five million square feet of space converted, and require that planning approval be complete by December 31, 2029.
Projects would need construction approval within three years of planning approval, to ensure conversions are moving forward.
If not all of a building is converted, the transaction would be prorated by converted square footage.


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Nancy Pelosi
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Fiona Ma
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Joel Engardio
Matt Dorsey
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